If some or all of the images are not displaying in the gallery

Although it is uncommon, issues can arise when working with our WordPress plugin. There are multiple reasons why sometimes the images in your Modula gallery will not show anymore on your website or on your mobile. If you find yourself in one of the situation written below please try the recommended solution. 

Troubleshooting and debugging with Health Check plugin

If you encounter some issues with your Modula Gallery, we recommend debugging and seeing where it comes from. Debugging and troubleshooting will help you find the issue and resolve it and it would also help our support team knowing if it's an incompatibility or a bug. The Health Check plugin is a troubleshooting and debugging plugin that has a  Troubleshooting mode which allows users to have a vanilla WordPress session, meaning all plugins are disabled and a default theme is used, but only for their user -  visitors on the site will still see the normal website.  In order to use please follow the steps in here


If you use the Jetpack image optimization plugin it is very possible that this is why your images won't show anymore. You need to:

  1. Go In your site’s dashboard, go to Jetpack → Settings→ Performance.
  2. In the Performance & speed section, disable Site accelerator. 

This might also help: https://jetpack.com/support/site-accelerator/

Plugin versions

You need to make sure that you have the latest versions of our Modula plugins in order for the images to be displayed properly on your website. To do this you need to go to your WP dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins > Update if needed.

The galleries are blank on the page

If the issue is not solved after you tried troubleshooting with the Health Check plugin you need to go to Modula > Edit gallery > Speed UP > Enable Lazy Load.

Using Divi page builder and images won't show on mobile

Divi blocks have options to hide them on different screens. Sometimes users are not aware of those options and they cannot see the gallery on mobile. If you added the Modula shortcode in a widget from Divi's builder, that widget has a setting to hide it on mobile. This is not something that can be resolved from Modula. You need to check the settings of the widget/ block to see exactly how to make it appear on mobile. This might help: https://www.divithemeexamples.com/hide-divi-modules-on-mobile

The images are not displayed properly in Preview 

You need to change the thumbnail size (we recommend 400) and save. It seems it does not resize your images and they do not display.

The galleries disappeared

Please try and open it in incognito mode or in another browser and we also recommend you to clear cache. Also, enable the option "Enqueue assets on all pages”.

Modula gallery isn’t displayed on the website

Some themes have options for page transitions. In order to fix this you need to  go to your theme’s settings and see if you have any page transition settings turned on. Disable them and this should fix it.