Modula Pagination

Modula Pagination

Modula Pagination is an extension that will let users to page back and forth through multiple pages of images.

How to use it

Go to your dashboard > Modula > edit a gallery > General Settings > and Enable Pagination.

Once it's enabled you will see a bunch of new options. To see a demo with Modula Pagination please click here.

Enable infinite scroll: Toggle ON to enable infinite scroll. When you turn on the infinite scroll you won't have any other settings.

Images/page (Load): Input the number of images you want to be displayed per page. In order for this to work you must select a number that is bigger than 0.

Pagination links color: Select the color used for the pagination links.

Pagination active page color: Select the color used for the active page.

Pagination position: Select where you want to output the pagination links. It has 3 options: Left, Center, and Right

Click each setting name to see a demo with that particular option.

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