All you need to know about your license

After you complete your purchase you will receive a purchase confirmation email containing the zip files for Modula Pro and its extensions depending on the plan you got. The same email will contain your main license key, the one you need in order to activate the plugin.

A license key is used to use Modula’s extensions and to benefit from updates, and premium support. All license keys are active for one year since you purchased. If you cancel your subscription during that year your license will still be active for the remaining of the year and it will expire after that time has passed. If the license expires you will no longer have access to the extensions (including Speed Up containing ShortPixel image optimization and StackPath CDN), future updates, and support. However, Modula Pro will still be active and will not be converted back to lite/free version. Users will still have unlimited images, filters, caption settings, lightbox options, and all other features that come with Modula Pro.

Automatic renewals

All our plans are yearly subscriptions and they are automatically renewed each year unless you previously canceled your subscription. You can contact us here in order to cancel it.

Manual renewals

All subscriptions can be also renewed manually in case your license expired directly from your account. You can log in there and go to Purchase history and then click on View Licenses.

Once you are in the Purchase history panel you can easily renew your license from there by clicking either ‘renew now’ or ‘renew license’. Clicking those buttons will send you to the checkout where you can fill in your billing information and renew the license.

We are also sending out email notifications when licenses are about to expire.

How to activate my license?

Step 1 – installing the premium plugin and extensions.

After your payment is completed you will receive an email containing all the information and the download URLs for Modula and its extensions. Make sure to check Spam as well!

You can also find all your download information in your account here:
If you go to View Details and Downloads.

The ‘View Details and Downloads’ panel contains download links for the premium plugin and extensions as well as instructions on how to install them.

After you download the zip files go to your website’s admin dashboard > Plugins > add new > select the zip file > install and activate the plugin. Make sure to also have the Lite version installed. If you do not have it you can go to Plugins > add new > search for Modula > install and activate it.

Step 2 – activate the license key

To activate your license key copy it from the purchase confirmation email or your Modula account. Log in there and go to Purchase history and then click on View Licenses.

There you will see a key icon > click it and copy the license number then go to your website’s admin dashboard > Modula > Settings > License > add your license there > then first click on the ‘Save’ button and then click on the ‘Activate’ one.

This will activate your license.

How to upgrade my license?

From your account you can view your license and upgrade it to another plan. For example, if you have the Starter plan and want to upgrade to Business you can do so directly from your account.

Just go to View licenses and once there you will see your license, its activation limit, status (expired, active, inactive, disabled), expiration date, extend license, manage license, and view upgrades.

To upgrade your license, click on ‘View upgrades’ and on that panel you will see the upgrade possibilities and the price.

Managing domains

If you want to move the license from a domain to another one (mostly for users that have a Starter/single site license) you can do this from your account's dashboard by going to Purchase History > View licenses > Manage sites.  You can deactivate the license here and reactivate it on another domain. Please keep in mind that you will also have to activate the license from your website's dashboard - see step 2 above (activate the license key).

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