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General Settings

General Settings Modula Albums

From the General Settings panel you can choose the grid type for your albums, the width the grid will occupy on the page and the image size used for the albums' featured image/cover.

The Grid Type can be set up in certain number of columns automatically or users can use the Custom Grid option to design the grid themselves.

For the Image Size you can choose from preset values or choose the Custom option to add the values yourself.

Width - represents the of the album. Can be set up in % or pixels.

Image dimensions - you should adjust these dimensions based on the number of columns in your album.

If you enable Crop Images it will force images to match the sizes defined in Image Dimensions. If disabled, images will be resized to maintain their aspect ratio.

Lightbox Settings

From this panel you can set up your lightbox. If you turn it off, each gallery from an album will open a URL, and there are 2 options for that:

  1. It will redirect the visitor to a custom URL if one is set in Gallery Settings.
  2. It will redirect to a gallery URL if standalone is active. This option can be found in Modula > Settings.

If you choose to use a lightbox you can select between different open and close animation and transition effects, an set up their duration. You can also turn on/off the buttons displayed in the lightbox: fullscreen, download, as well as navigation arrows, and thumbnails.

Autoplay - if this is enabled the images will slide automatically one after the other in the lightbox. You can also choose how long each image stays on until it slides to the next one by increasing or decreasing the Slideshow Duration.

Style Settings

From the Style panel you can control the hover effect for the album's cover, title and caption color and size, hover opacity and color.

The hover effects you can choose from are displayed on our demo pages here.

Display Image Count - displays each gallery's image count next to the gallery's title.

Speed Up Settings

From this tab you can turn on the Lazy load feature so you can optimize your albums.

Responsive Settings

The Custom Responsiveness option can be turned on if you would like to display your albums into a certain number of columns on tablet and mobile devices.

If you do not, you can leave it off.

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