Modula Slider

With Modula Slider you will enable a new gallery type which will allow you to display your gallery images in a slider format. The slider gallery provides a lot of configuration options in order to ensure you can achieve the best output for your scenario. The first set of configuration options will allow you to control the size of the slider and images.

  • Width : this controls the overall size of the slider;
  • Max Images Count : here you can set the number of images from your gallery that will be used to create the slider;
  • Slider image size : the size of the images that will be displayed;
  • Adaptive height : only available for single slide horizontal carousels, this will allow the height of the slides to be conditioned by the original image.

Next you can start defining the slider behavior:

  • Autoplay : if enabled, the slides will be switched automatically at your configured time interval;
  • Autoplay speed : the time each slide will be displayed before moving to a different one;
  • Pause on hover : this will stop the automatic switching of the displayed slide if the user hovers over the image;
  • Arrows : this will enable the arrow navigation functionality for your slider;
  • Dots : this will enable a second, dotted navigation under the slides;
  • Mouse dragging : this is the third navigation option available, you only need to drag the images to switch the displayed slide;
  • Center mode : this will display a small preview of the next and previous images. This option will only work if the 'Fade' option is disabled;
  • Fade : if enabled, this will change the animation for changing slides to a fade effect. This option will only work if the number of slides to show is 1;
  • Infinite loop : once enabled, when the last slide is shown to the user, the slider will start over automatically, otherwise the slider will stop on the last slide.

Further customization can be done through the number of slides that will be shown, animation speed and starting image.

  • Slides to show : you can control the number of slides that will be displayed at the same time in the slider;
  • Slides to scroll : when changing the displayed slide, this option will allow you to skip over a fixed number of slides;
  • Animation speed : the speed of your configured animation;
  • Right to left : if you have a RTL template, this option will align the slider functionality with your overall orientation;
  • Initial slide : here you can control the image your slider will start with.
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