Modula Caption Configuration

Adding Captions to Modula Galleries

To enter caption text for your images choose your desired gallery by heading to Modula > Galleries and going to the gallery edit page for any of your galleries created with Modula.

Then click the edit icon (highlighted below) on any one of your images:

And then enter your desired caption text into the Caption Text are highlighted in the screenshot below:

Changing Caption Colors

Using the caption color setting you can easily select the color in which you’d like the image captions in your Modula galleries to appear. This can done either by pasting in a hex tag you want to use or by dragging around and experimenting with different colors.

If you do not wish to have text appearing in your gallery then you can toggle hide description and hide title to on.

The caption font size slider can be used to define the size of the captions in your gallery.

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