Lightbox & Links

The Lightbox & Links offers a wide range of styles for your gallery. We invite you to try them all out to see which on you like most.

Navigation arrows: this option allows you to navigate through images in lightbox mode using left and right arrows.

Loop navigation: when you reach the last image in the lightbox this option will change to "next image". This will lead you to the first picture, creating an infinite loop between the images.

Show image title: shows the name of the image below it.

Show image caption: add a custom description under the pictures open in the lightbox. It can be customized and placed center/right/left.

Keyboard navigation: you can navigate through pictures using the buttons on the keyboard (right/left arrow).

Mousewheel navigation: you can navigate through images using the mouse wheel.


  • Close button: displays a button (X) at the top right of the page to close the Lightbox.
  • Thumbnails button: displays a grid type icon at the top right side of the page. It opens the gallery's thumbnail navigation and you can scroll through all the images in the gallery faster.
  • Share button: offers you the possibility to share the gallery on the following social networks: LinkedIn || WhatsApp || Pinterest || Twitter || Facebook ||  E-mail

Close on slide double click / Close on slide click: close the lightbox with one or 2 clicks depending on the checked option.

Infobar: shows how many images there are in the gallery and the image # you're at.

Open/Close animation: you can choose to apply an effect when you open/close the lightbox. The options are:

  1. Zoom 
  2. Fade
  3. Zoom-in-out

Transition effect: apply different effects when transitioning between images. Effects are:

  1. Fade
  2. Slide 
  3. Circular 
  4. Tube 
  5. Zoom-in-out
  6. Rotate

Show all images: showing all images in the lightbox. This option is useful when used with Max Images Count.

Allow swiping: you can use your finger to swipe through images on mobile devices.

Auto start thumbnails: shows all images on the right side of the screen when the lightbox is activated without having to click the thumbnail button.

Thumb axis: select vertical/horizontal scrolling for thumbnails.

Thumbnails at the bottom: move Thumbnails at the bottom of the page so they will no longer be displayed on the right.

Lightbox background color: change the background color when the lightbox is open. From here you can also handle the background opacity.

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