Using the Modula Video Extension

    How to install Modula Video?

    To begin with, you have to log in to your account on After logging in, please access My Account > Purchase History.

    To download the extension click on 'View Details and Downloads' and then click on 'modula-video' to get the zip file.

    To Install and activate the plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard and follow the next steps:

    Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > select the .zip file you downloaded from your account. After this, click on the 'Install Now' button wait for the file to load. Lastly, press the 'Activate' button.

    Modula Video Settings

    Autoplay Videos > This option starts the video instantly after it loads, without the need for a click to start the video.

    Display Play Icon > Shows the button to start the video.

    • Use custom icon > By activating this option you can upload the icon you want for the start button of the video. 
    • Play Icon Color > Change the color of the play icon.
    • Play Icon Size > With this option you can change the size of the icon.

  How to add a YouTube/Vimeo video URL

    Once the Modula Video extension is installed and activated, head to your gallery edit page. Click the edit icon on the image onto which you want to insert a video. This could commonly be the thumbnail of the video or a screenshot of a part of the video.

    Scroll down in the image settings and paste your video’s URL – either from an external service like YouTube or Vimeo, or a link to the file in your WordPress Media Library.

    Step by step and screenshots below:

  Go to Modula > Galleries > Select Gallery > edit an image (pencil icon on the image) > then paste the URL in its designated place.

    Save by clicking the 'Update' button and you're done. You can now enjoy a video in your gallery.

    How to add a self hosted video in the gallery

    First of all, the video must be uploaded to the Media Library first. After doing this, you can add it to the gallery by following the steps below:

    1.Select .mp4 video

    2. Copy its link

    And after that go to the Modula dashboard and insert the link into your image URL link.

    Modula > Galleries > Select gallery > Click on image > Insert URL link.

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